A Change of Plans

August is one of those rare months in which I receive three pay checks. I had said that I planned on saving the entirity of my third pay check in my “cash and savings” account. I have since changed my mind. Instead, I am allowing myself to spend an extra $600 in August on a few things:

  • $150 – Personal Hobby
  • $100 – Amazon Prime renewal (?)
  • $250 – Clothing & Personal
  • $100 – Wedding Gift

The only thing that is questionable is the Amazon prime renewal. If I see the need for it during August, I’ll go ahead and renew it, if not, I will let the subscription lapse and renew when I next deem it necessary. I have an inkling getting rid of Amazon prime may do me more good than harm, but with free same day shipping in my city it’s really a good bargain especially since i don’t have a car. We will see. If I don’t need Amazon prime during August, chances are I really don’t need it at all.

I anticipate earning at least an extra $100 this month.


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