Net Worth Update – October 2016

Assets Sept-16 Oct-16 $ Change
Cash & Savings $2,555 $1,901 ($654)
Roth IRA $10,090 $10,372 +$211
401K $9,467 $9,799 +$296
FSA $180 $0 ($180)
Pending $400 $400 +$0
Liabilities Sept-16 Oct-16 $ Change
Credit Cards $610 $361 +$249
Net Worth $22,082 $22,111 +$29
% Change +0.0%

I knew it was going to be a spendy month but October has been the worst month to date since I started the blog.  and I ended up having to spend even more than anticipated.

Notables for the month include:

  1. Draining my FSA
  2. Paying my Chase Sapphire Reserve Annual Fee
  3. Too many Amazon purchases
  4. Birthday gifts
  5.  Reaching $20,000 in my retirement accounts
  6.  Getting promoted!

Goals for Nov 2016- Dec 2017:

  1. Max out my retirement accounts
    • $5,500 Roth IRA
    • $18,000 in 401K
  2. Save $5,000 in liquid qssets
  3. Eventually generate $200/month in extra income

This was the first month that I saw a near loss in net worth, and ouch. I will have to get back on track next month. I am trialing YNAB for the month of November so that should be interesting, especially since I will be going on vacation at the same time. I doubt I will be buying the program, but I most likely will be making some type of excel spreadsheet to better track my budget. I honestly blame amazon prime for the ridiculous amount I went overboard.  I no longer think I can purchase amazon prime.


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