Side Hustling?

One thing that I promised myself after I earned my PhD was that I would never work harder than my body would allow. My health is very precarious. I have some pretty serious health issues that affect me daily. These conditions are potentially life threatening. Fatigue and pain are major components of my illness, and if I push myself too hard, it can lead to worsening health. Because of this, I’ve been avoiding pursuing a side hustle.

I got a PhD to make my life easier. It made me a competitive candidate on the job market. I have an awesome job, with my desired employer. I’m working 9-5 and no more. My earning potential in my current position is $100,000+. Work doesn’t make my life very stressful. These are all things I knew  a PhD would get me. And I’m very thankful for that, and that was exactly my goal.

That being said I’ve been approached with a side hustle opportunity and I have accepted. The great thing is my life shouldn’t change all too much. I’m currently active in the health community mostly dealing with patient engagement. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years on a voluntary basis. A group of friends are now looking to branch out and make this a non-profit organization. But in general, it is something I’m already passionate about and already do on a regular basis without compensation.


2 thoughts on “Side Hustling?

  1. Sounds interesting. What kind of work would it entail? As long as it doesn’t jeopardize your health I’d say go for it
    Btw just wanted to say I enjoy reading the blog posts, keep ’em coming.


    • It would involve creating a community on a separate website. Right now our community is on a social media platform. We’ll be able to generate money from advertisements. We are also looking into publishing. We already have a very sizable following


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