August Spending – Week 1

Spending Overview

Food: $18
Shopping: $160
Misc.: $2
Health: $19

My goal is to spend $15 a day, on average, throughoutI the month of August. I am tracking my daily expenses, week by week, for at least the month of August. Technically Day 1 was in July  (as in July 31), but I think it’s simpler to work with a 7-day week from the start. I’m certainly not off to a stellar start, hopefully I can smooth this over in subsequent weeks.

Day 1-4

Beginning Balance: $45
Spending: $0
Ending Balance: $45

I was on a business trip, so all my meals and travel expenses will eventually be reimbursed. I typically don’t include reimbursable expenses in my budget/calculations. Since I was out of town I didn’t make any purchases except for one ($19) at a pharmacy.  This falls into the “health” category.  And since I don’t constrain my medical expenses, I left this out of my budget as well.

Day 5

Beginning Balance: $60
Spending: $49
Ending Balance:  $11

I returned home this evening and did my biweekly online shopping. I don’t have a car, so this is  how things are usually purchased. My purchases included:
(1) a memory card ($10) for my phone; and
(2) home-goods ($39).

Day 6

Beginning Balance: $26
Spend: $18
Ending Balance: $8

I had a low-key day so I mostly stayed at home. I got groceries ($16) and did laundry ($2). The weather was unusually mild so I also went for a walk (as my doctor ordered). I also did some work.

Day 7

Beginning Balance: $26
Spend: $111
Ending Balance: ($85)

I spent most of the day cleaning my apartment and attempting to meet a work deadline. But I also went on an amazon shopping spree, ugh. My purchases included:
(1) a printer ($73); and
(2) more home goods ($38)
All purchases  I had been eyeballing for several months, so they weren’t impulse purchases. I got rid of my old printer because it was too heavy for me.



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