February 2018 Week 3

The third week of February has come and gone and things continue to go well. Tracking and adjusting my spending on a weekly basis is works better for me.

I have (once again) changed how I track my expenses by breaking down my expenses into determinate and indeterminate expenditures (before they were lumped together). In the case of determinate expenses, I know their final value at the beginning of the month. Below is a summary of my spending.

February 2018 Budget Week 3

The biggest expense in week 3 was a grocery haul of $80 from Amazon Fresh.  I decided to activate a free trial in order to get 30% off. I’m still in the process of stocking my pantry, so I’m glad I avoided lugging everything myself. I also spent $27 on other “groceries” in the form of a meal kit service.

Additional notable expenses include a bluetooth speaker ($31), a rug ($25) and going to out to see Black Panther ($9).

I’m left with $65 to spend over the last 7 days in February. I’ve actually spent $26 today, but don’t anticipate any more expenses.


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