Net Worth Update – April 2018

Because I have not been feeling well, I’m only just now posting April’s net worth. I still want to maintain records, but I don’t feel like getting into the nitty gritty this update.  I’m going to keep this post nice and short. Below is my change in net worth:

Liquid Assets Start End $ Change
Cash & Checking $1,824 $1.585 +$440
Emergency Fund  $5,159  $4,338 +$164
Savings Goals $171 $284 ($74)
Brokerage Accts $877 $898  ($15)
Illiquid Assets Start End $ Change
Savings Bonds $569 $1,704 ($294)
Home Equity $14,775 $15,368 +$775
401K $28,560 $30,234 +$116
Roth IRA $20,921 $22,079  ($193)
Liabilities Start End $ Change
Credit Cards ($1,141) ($1,006) ($634)
Loans ($11,472) ($17,713) +$300
Net Worth $60,243 $57,771 ($2,472)
% Change -4.1%

My net worth decreased due to me taking out a personal loan to the tune of $7,000. This is a 0% interest loan. Thankfully the loan terms are fairly flexible.  Other than that, there isn’t much new to report.

Budget & Spending

Category Budgeted Actual Remaining
Extra Income** $- $256 $-
Bills & Utilities $340 $314 $36 under
Food $200 $221 $21 over
Medical $- $513 $-
Everything Else $200 $405 $205 over
Total $650  $532 $190 over

I went considerably over budget in April. I think this is due to a need to establish sinking funds. I spent $87 on gifts, for instance, which I should have saved up for. The excess spending was, thankfully, offset by extra income. I’ll start working on my sinking funds in June.

The next post will likely be the May net worth update, and hopefully it won’t be nearly as late as this one. Stay tuned to see how my financial situation has changed


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