Net Worth Update – June 2018

My net worth increased by almost 10 percent in June. Yay for months with 3 paychecks:

Liquid Assets Start End $ Change
Cash & Checking $1,085 $1.418 +$333
Emergency Fund $4,575  $4,818 +$243
Savings Goals $365 $365 $0
Brokerage Accts $1,080 $1,203 +$123
Illiquid Assets Start End $ Change
Savings Bonds $1,603 $1,453 ($150)
Home Equity $16,000 $16,455 +$455
401K $31,760 $34,236 +$2,476
Roth IRA $22,641 $23,461  +$820
Liabilities Start End $ Change
Credit Cards ($341) ($387) ($46)
Loans ($17,368) ($15,809) +$1,559
Net Worth $61,400 $67,213 +$5,813
% Change +9.5%

I was not able to allocate my third paycheck amongst the various funds like I had outlined in last month’s post.


This was my first month operating under my new (increased) budget. I had a (minor) surgery in the beginning of the month and that kind of threw things off. I was able to stay within budget, but it was hard!

Category Budgeted Actual Remaining
(1) Bills & Utilities $275 $237 $38 under
(2) Food $300 $287 $13 under
(3) Medical $- $526 $-
(4) Everything Else $300 $338 $38 over
Total (1+2+4) $875  $862 $13 under

My medical expenses were fairly high in June and I expect July slightly higher.  I plan to judiciously cut back on the frequency of my medical appointments since my FSA balance is getting low. If I do end up draining my FSA, I’ll lower my contributions towards my 401K loan. That way I’ll have more money to set aside for medical expenditures. Managing a chronic illness is expensive.

Coming in July

Lately I’ve been pretty terrible about posting anything other than net worth updates. Life’s been kind of crazy with my health issues. I am hoping that I’ll be up for a few July posts detailing how I use google sheets to manage my finances. I’ve become increasingly reluctant to use aggregation platforms like mint and personal capital.



4 thoughts on “Net Worth Update – June 2018

  1. Um…savings bonds are highly liquid aren’t they?

    Also, really good job on the basic mechanics of building your wealth. What you track gets attended to, so good job building your assets and paying off your debts. This should pay off in the long run for you.


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