Moving Parts

I have a lot of unique transactions that will be coming in and out this month. This has left me with -$208 in my bank account. Well technically I am not in the red, but $2,000 of what is in my bank account is not mine, and it will be gone come June/July (long story, which I will not explain). So the -$208 represents what I have in liquid assets. What should come in this month to rectify the current situation includes the following:

  1. $470. FSA Reimbursement.  Last months medical expenses have yet to be processed completely, I will try and see what is going on over the next couple of days so my FSA can reimburse this money.
  2. $700. State Tax Return.
  3. $1535. Paycheck. This would come on the 25th of this month
  4. $975. Money owed to me
  5. $300. Insurance Reimbursement

It should be noted that I still have ~$300 left of my variable income to spend on food and other necessities.  Once all of that is taken care of, I should have ~$3475 of liquid assets. Once I pay my rent that will drop down to $1825 on May 1.

I have another business trip coming up next month, and I will not be contributing to my Roth IRA until after my vacation. This is the timeline and holdings I expect for April-June.

  • May 21 – I leave for vacation.
    •  $4,055 in liquid assets
      • $4,055= $1825 (carry over) + $2455 (May paychecks) + $175 (Additional income) – 400 (May spending)
    • +$500 in 401K
    • +$570 in Roth IRA
  • June 1 – Rental payment
    • $2,405 in liquid assets
      • $2,805= $4,055 (carry over) – $1,650 (rent).
  • June 4 – Return from trip
    • $1,905 in liquid assets
      • $1,905 = $2,405 (carry over) – $500 (vacation spending).
  • June 6 – Pay day
    • $3,155 in liquid assets
      • $3,155 = $1,905 (carry over) + $1250 (income)
    • +$285 in Roth IRA
    • +$245 in Roth 401K
  • June 20 – Pay day
    • $4,400 in liquid assets
      • $4,400 = $3,155 (carry over) + $1,245 (income)
    •  +$285 in Roth IRA
    • +$245 to Roth 401K

So by the end of June I hope to have contributed at least $1,000 to my 401K and $1,000 to my Roth IRA.

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