Update on the Moving Parts

Basically a series of events has made things uncomfortably tight. I should be fine, but having an extra $1,000 or so would make me feel more comfortable.  Here is where I stand:

  • $1,830 in cash in bank accounts
  • -$1,300 in credit card bills
  • -$1,650 in rent due next month

To be fair, I have $2,375 in my bank accounts that aren’t included in the above figures, but it’s not mine. I’ve been trying to not dip into it but it’s obvious I will have to. Income that’s coming in any day now.

  • $1,500 paycheck
  • $470 FSA reimbursement
  • $300 reimbursement #1
  • $600 reimbursement #2
  • $200 reimbursement #3
  • $700 state tax refund
  • $260 owed to me from my mom (unexpected)

I should have ~$2,900 cash by the end of next month but with my trip coming up and being out of town, I’m not entirely sure.

I did open up a new credit card with 0% APR for the next 15 months, so that’ll help soften the blow.


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