Net Worth Update – April 2016

I’ve decided to calculate my net worth as though I have not received a series of pending reimbursements.  Hopefully next month I’ll see a sizable increase in my net worth once everything falls into place.

Assets Mar-16 Apr-16 $ Change
Cash & Savings $491 $834 +$343
Roth IRA $5,245 $6,273 +$1,028
401K $5,645 $6,213 +$568
FSA $1,228 $1,103 ($125)
Liabilities Mar-16 Apr-16 $ Change
Credit Cards $42 $1,070 ($1,028)
Net Worth $12,567 $13,353 +$786
% Change +6.3%

Below is an overview of my budgeted vs actual spending for the month of April. I “earned” an extra $250 this month, $150 came from per diem and $100 from cashing out my Amazon gift card balance.  In the table below, I have added these reimbursements to the Everything Else category. Eventually, this will result in a $319 underspend for the Everything Else category. I plan to use the $319 for my vacation.

I also received $280 from my health insurance.  This will go into my emergency fund.

I only went over my budget in the Fixed Expense category. This is due to a slightly higher than usual cellphone bill. I’m hoping to shave off $3 on next month’s bill since I’m using Project Fi.  I technically went over budget for food, but when I am eating to socialize, I classify it as Entertainment.

Category Budgeted Actual Pending
Rent $1,650 $1,650
Fixed Expenses $70 $73
Food $200 $200
Everything Else $280 $847 -$886 ?

So it looks like I’ve comfortably met the spending goals for the month of April, conditional on $886 worth of pending reimbursements going through. These charges are what caused me to go over Everything Else

  • -$17 – Flexible Savings Account
  • -$659 – Reimbursment #1
  • -$35 –  Reimbursment #2
  • -$175 – Loan repayment

I am also expecting a $270 check.

The Month of May

May will be a different beast with me only being in the city half the month and taking vacation. But still I plan on changing the way I spend for May and June.  The next two months I’m going to try to limit my purchases to occur only once a week (the 7th, 14th, 21th, 28th of the month). Come July and August this will decrease to three times a month (10th, 20th, 30th). Maybe I will try twice a month at some point. I’ve already changed my due dates on my credit cards to correspond with the latter. I will also have $10/week in cash for discretionary spending. Usually this includes things like drinks and snacks when I’m out and about. Personal capital sent me a notice about my 9 transactions this week and that’s not okay.  Hopefully this has me spending a bit less.

Health Care Costs

I qualified for a program through my insurance to help manage my chronic illnesses. This program waives my copays and may help coordinate my care. The savings from this will be $1,000/year or more!


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