Net Worth Update – May 2016

I’m still waiting for $1,100 worth of reimbursements that I haven’t included in my net worth.  I won’t have time to update on May 31, so this is technically coming a day early.

Assets Apr-16 May-16 $ Change
Cash & Savings $834 $1,070 +$236
Roth IRA $6,273 $6,900 +$637
401K $6,213 $6,844 +$631
FSA $1,103 $694 ($409)
Liabilities Apr-16 May-16 $ Change
Credit Cards $1,070 $746 +$324
Net Worth $13,353 $14,762 +$1,409
% Change +10.6%

Below is an overview of my budgeted vs actual spending for the month of May. I went on vacation this month so I budgeted $500 more in the Everything Else category.

I only went over my budget in the Fixed Expense category because I used a bit more cellphone data than I would have liked, maybe next month?

I had some extra income and reimbursements which led to underspending in the Everything Else category.

I underspent on groceries due to the vacation. I stuck all my vacation expenses under Everything Else because it’s easier to keep track of the $500 usage that way.

Category Budgeted Actual Pending
Rent $1,650 $1,650
Fixed Expenses $70 $71
Food $125 $200
Everything Else $780 $488 -86

Right now I’m waiting for some additional reimbursements. When that comes, I’ll have enough cash in my accounts to where I’m feeling comfortable. I’m thinking about using my third pay check in August to build up my cash cushion and emergency fund.

The Month of June

June will be a normal month. I’m not going on vacation and I have no trips planned. I will rollover my unused vacation spending into June because my vacation isn’t over until June 4.


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