Spending | May 1, 2016 – June 4, 2016

I budgeted $500 for my vacation. Aside from my fixed costs, I usually have $480 set aside for variable costs which include things like groceries and eating out. So the goal I had in mind was to spend $980 or less during the time period of May 1 until the end of my vacation on June 4. Here is a more detailed version of the actual spending that took place during this time frame.

Category Amount
Food and Restaurants $186.86
Shopping $158.1
Misc $350.23
Cash Withdrawal $300.00
What my brother Owes Me -$62
Left over Cash -$35
Total $898.19

Remember this vacation was funded through extra income I earned at work which totaled about $500. It seems I planned the vacation costs perfectly!


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