Net Worth Update – June 2016

I’m STILL waiting for $1,000 worth of reimbursements that I haven’t included in my net worth, and now angrily so. I’ll be making some phone calls come tomorrow to correct this, definitely.  But in good news my net worth increased!

Assets May-16 June-16 $ Change
Cash & Savings $1,070 $778 ($292)
Roth IRA $6,900 $7,922 +$1,022
401K $6,844 $7,282 +$438
FSA $694 $694 0
Liabilities May-16 June-16 $ Change
Credit Cards $746 $1,167 ($97)
Net Worth $14,762 $15,509 +$747
% Change +5.1%

The fact that me net worth increased is fairly surprising. The Brexit resulted in a sizable  but temporary loss in net worth part way through the month. I also went insanely over my spending budget. I’m not sure how my net worth increased by so much though, I am thinking there has to be an unsynchronized  account which tends to happen when I don’t post an update exactly at the end of the month. I’ll try to do better next month.

When the market went down following the announcement of the British exit from the European Union, I put some extra money into my Roth IRA, knowing I was planning to do so in August. If the markets had fallen for longer I probably would have put a little more in, but for now I’m strictly planning to put the extra August paycheck towards savings.

As previously mentioned, I went way over budget in spending in June. It was father’s day, my dad’s birthday, I bought renters insurance and then I just threw caution to the wind. I think I went over budget by $600-700. Maybe I’ll do a more detailed post on what happened, maybe not. I’m too bummed about it right now to actually want to. Hopefully next time I see myself going over budget I don’t totally go so off track. Since I did so poorly in June, I’ve cancelled my vacation plans for August.


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