June Spending

So i am finally going to go through my June transactions to see how far i went over budget. I’m only using transactions that occurred outside of my vacation.

Category Amount
Rent $1,650/$1,650 
Fixed Expenses $64/$70
Food $273/$200
Everything Else $763/$280 ✗

I spent quite a bit extra on food, probably due to returning from vacation and to an empty fridge. I also was sick, so that tends to lead to an increase in convenience food consumption. Where I really went overboard was n the everything else category. My unexpected expenses included but was not limited to the following:

  • $140 – Renter’s Insurance
  • $100 – Gifts
  • $100 – Clothing
  • $300 – Amazon Purchases

The amazon purchases are really what got me. I actually hadn’t been keeping tabs on my amazon spending because I had an Amazon gift card for many months. I really need to pay attention to my spending online.



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