Net Worth Update – March 2017

I have this horrible habit of throwing my budget to the wind when I notice that I’m falling off the wagon. I figure if I’m already screwing up, I might as well have a good time doing it.  March was one of those months. I went over my budget in several areas, and then I decided to stop tracking my budget altogether.

All things being considered, things didn’t end nearly as horribly as they usually do when I have months like these. I’m at a point in life where I don’t have many things that I want or need to spend my money on, at least not that I can afford. All the things I really want are in the $200+ dollar range and require budgeting, planning and adulting – meh.

Here is where my accounts stand:

Liquid Assets Feb-17 Mar-17 $ Change
Cash & Savings $1,425 $600  -$825
Emergency Fund  $3,009  $3,026  +$17
Short Term Savings $300 $500  +$200
Long Term Savings $144 $154 +$10 
Illiquid Assets Feb-17 Mar-17 $ Change
Brokerage $197  $287 +$90
Savings Bonds $1,315 $1,445  +$130
Incoming $0 $76  +$76
Retirement Accts Feb-17 Mar-17 $ Change
Roth IRA $13,600 $ 14,492  +$892
Traditional 401K $15,364  $17.157 +$1,793
Net Worth $35,354 $37,737 +$2,383
% Change +6.7%

Goal Progress:

Fund/Goal Contrib. Total  Goal Progress
401K $1,476 $5,462 $18,000 30.3%
Roth IRA $810 $2,030 $5,500  36.9%
Emergency Fund $147 $4,471 $5,500  81.3%
Vacation Fund $200 $500 $500 100.0%
Vanguard Fund $10 $154 $3,000 5.1%

I’m still on track for meeting all of my goals! My vacation fund was a super short term goal that I easily met over a span of two months.

Category Budgeted Actual Remaining
Rent $1,650 $1,650 $0 left
Fixed Expenses $100 $87 $13 left
Medical $- $600
Food $200 $286 $86 over
Everything Else $250 $314 $64 over
Total  $2,200  $2,337 $137 over

Rent: I paid the usual: a lot. I choose to live close to work.

Food: I paid only $150 on groceries this month, but I ate out more than usual. I took a friend out for her birthday ($30) and overall was feeling lazy in regards to food preparation.

Fixed Expenses: No surprises here.

Everything Else:

Some extras this month include:

  • $40 in gift purchases for the friends I am visiting next month.
  • $35 for new floor lamps

Medical Expenses: I don’t include medical expenses in my monthly budget (I am reimbursed with my FSA). But I had a couple big expenses this month all of which are related to my health problems.  I still have a sizable FSA, but may have to wait another year to get my wisdom teeth removed. My health costs this year are a little higher than I had anticipated. Still, they are on a downward trend in comparison to last year.

But the way things are going I may have to start a new treatment that would require monthly infusions.  If it works I’ll need it for the rest of my life. This will be fairly expensive. We’re trying one more thing in hopes that I don’t have to go that route, but it looks likely.

Coming in April:

I’m buying no groceries. And will have absolutely no spending for the first 9 days. On the 10th day I’m going on a 10-day international vacation!

My hotel/lodging arrangements are set, and much cheaper than I expected.  I have a general idea of how much I want to spend on this vacation but I’m not trying to make a big deal about it.

If I can manage no spending in the first 9 days, I will have a $200 food budget and a $250 miscellaneous expense budget to use for my vacation. This would be ideal because I may not even have to dip into my savings for this vacation! A business trip soon after means that I won’t be home for most of April and won’t actually need any groceries this month.


5 thoughts on “Net Worth Update – March 2017

  1. Well your cautions to the wind look much better than mine when it happens. I feel your pain on the rent (except that I still have a commute attached with mine). And the FSA… love mine. I just started it this year, but its been a God send. It’s nice not needing to worry about supplying post-tax payments to such needs of health. Have fun on your international trip. I look forward to hearing the updates. Is this your 1st international trip? I would like to take one someday when I get enough nerve or someone pushes me on a plane and makes me go (bit anxious about it all but the desire is big).


    • Yes, it was not a bad month considering and I’m definitely surprised it wasn’t worse.

      This is far from my first international trip. I grew up an expatriate due to my dad’s job and spent 14 years of my childhood abroad. I’m now trying to get in the habit of taking 1 international trip a year. Last year I managed to take two. I definitely recommend it though, and if you’re nervous you can visit an English speaking country so it won’t be too much of a culture shock. Since I’m still not making a whole lot of money to fund a lavish vacation, I also find it easier to visit and lodge with close friends I’ve met throughout life. It’s also very helpful when I go to a country where I don’t speak the language well or not at all.

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