And Another Side Hustle

Never say never, I guess. I’ve somehow managed to have a side hustle practically fall into my lap. This side hustle is based on my professional area of expertise and I just couldn’t say no.

My main fears about dedicating myself to a side hustle is that I won’t be able to consistently perform due to health reasons. So any side hustle that requires some sort of schedule is always out. Also I don’t have the energy to establish myself amongst new clients or within a new field. Admittedly, I never thought about writing in my current field because that requires things like grants and that’s very time consuming. In this case I was approached by a friend from grad school, to join them on their grant project. They knew I was familiar with a particular area and I said I’d be interested in helping.

This side hustle isn’t anything earth shattering, it’s essentially a freelance reference written report. My understanding is that income generated from such reports is roughly $200-$500 per page.


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