Goals: 2017 Quarter 2

I forgot to outline/project my second quarterly allocation goals for 2017! So here it is albeit 5 weeks late.

Although I have a monthly budget and yearly end goals, I also like to plan my incoming paycheck allocations towards three broad categories: my Roth IRA, 401K and savings goals.  I do this to make sure that I’m meeting my goals on a quarterly basis despite slight deviations. These deviations may include changes in investment strategies; going over budget some months and not others; and changes in income.

The Details

Some differences between my first-quarter goal post include:

  • Decreased allocations to my Roth IRA. This is due to contributing $300+ ahead of schedule.
  • No savings in April and part of June. Because of my vacation and an upcoming trip.

Here are some past and upcoming distributions:

Date Roth IRA 401K Savings
9-Apr $195 $738 $0
23-Apr $195 $738 $0
7-May $195 $738 $125
21-May $180 $738 $125
4-Jun $180 $738 $0
28-Jun $180 $738 $125

Based on all of this, my goal is to have $6,500-$6,750 in illiquid/liquid assets outside of my retirement accounts by the end of June. According to my April net worth post, I had a little over $6,300 in these asset categories two weeks ago.

I’m still well ahead of where I need to be at this point in the year. My April net worth post certainly showed me that. At a third of the way through the year, I already met 80% of my Emergency Fund goal; contributed over 40% to my Roth IRA; and also started a new vacation fund which is also 40% complete. I am a little behind on my 401K contributions but that doesn’t bother me.



2 thoughts on “Goals: 2017 Quarter 2

  1. […] in all I’m doing well for being halfway through 2017.  I also officially met my 2nd quarter goal of having $6,750 in assets outside of my retirement accounts. The only goal I am seemingly behind on […]


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