Net Worth Update – June 2017

Ahh June! I finally received some much needed reimbursements which made for a smooth month.

Liquid Assets May-17 Jun-17 Change
Cash & Checking $528 $898  +$370
Emergency Fund $3,065 $3,154  +$89
Short Term Savings  $750 $850  +$100
Vanguard Fund  $250 $300 +$50
Illiquid Assets May-17 Jun-17 Change
Brokerage $447  $450 +$3
Savings Bonds $1,800 $1,904  +$104
Retirement May-17 Jun-17 Change
Roth IRA $15,754 $16,117  +$363
Traditional 401K $21,136  $23,117 +$1,981
Net Worth $43,730 $46,181 +$2,451
% Change +5.6%

I  continue to push towards the finish line of several goals.

Goal Progress:

Fund/Goal Contrib. Total  Goal Progress
401K $1,476 $8,422 $18,000 46.7%
Roth IRA $330 $3,030 $5,500 55.1%
Emergency Fund $122 $4,985 $5,500 90.1%
$61 $300 $3,000 10.0%
Vacation* $100 $850 $1,000 85.0%

All in all I’m doing well for being halfway through 2017.  I also officially met my 2nd quarter goal of having $6,750 in assets outside of my retirement accounts. The only goal I am seemingly behind on is the “Vanguard Fund”. That’s okay. I’m not looking to complete that goal this year.

Category Budgeted Actual Remaining
Rent $1,650 $1,650 $0 left
Fixed Expenses $100 $92 $8 under
Medical $- $145
Food $250 $381 $131 over
Everything Else $400 $648 $248 over
Total  $2,400  $2,771 $371 over

Usually I aim to spend $2,200 each month, but this month I added an extra $200 to my budget due to my 3 day vacation. This means my June budget was $2,400.  Interestingly, I was able to stick to exactly $200 for the 3 day excursion. Still I managed to go ~$400 over budget. Here’s where I “fell off” the wagon:

  • Gifts – $125
  • Rental Insurance – $149

A business trip and additional medical expenses (i.e. taxis) are incorporated into the above spending,  and I had these expenses reimbursed but am too lazy to go through and figure how much was spent in the corresponding category. All in all, my extra expenses were offset by earning $300 extra this month.  I didn’t even have to dip into my savings!

One thing I’d really like to work on in upcoming months is how I shop. I think I managed to do well in June. To be fair, I don’t have a car, so most of my shopping is done online for convenience and cost savings. I’m going to try to limit my shopping to one day a week.


2 thoughts on “Net Worth Update – June 2017

  1. I’m always floored when I see how much people have to play for rent in other places.

    I live in a place where $1000 can get you basically any good place you want and $1200 can get you any 2 bedroom you want. If you’re willing to cut some amenities a bit even $800 will get you a decent place. You guys really have to have your stuff together with your finances.


    • It really does pain me to write my rent check each month. And I don’t even have a bedroom, I live in a studio apartment! A one bedroom goes for ~$2,500 in my neighborhood. I’m really missing the $300-500 rent I paid while living in the midwest.


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