Net Worth Update – November 2017

I’m a home owner! And I LOVE my new place. There are a few minor (cosmetic) changes I am looking to make in the future, but overall the place doesn’t require any updating. I’m getting used to a new neighborhood and I like being close to so many great restaurants!

I’ve decided not to disclose my loan amount or monthly mortgage payments,  instead I’ll be listing my equity using Zillow as the basis for my home value estimate

One interesting thing I noticed about my condo is that the previous owner understated the square footage in the listing. That alone adds additional value to my home. Zillow isn’t taking the extra square footage into account.

The first and only previous owner lived in my unit for only a year before being relocated by his company. That means everything is only a year old.   I really think I got a good deal. When I bought this place there was a considerably smaller unit on the market in the same building. I was actually deciding between my current place and the smaller one before I placed my offer. The smaller unit sold last week for more than my current place. I think this place could have easily sold for $15k more than what I bought it for.

Liquid Assets Start End Change
Cash & Checking $1,000 $1,000  ($0)
Brokerage #1 $166 $168  +$2
Emergency Fund $3,395 $3,400  +$5
Short Term Savings $1,900 $50  ($1,850)
Illiquid Assets Start End Change
Brokerage $482  $490 +$10
Savings Bonds $2,125 $2,130  +$5
Retirement Start End Change
Roth IRA $18,952 $19,545  +$493
Traditional 401K $20,359  $23,375 +$3,016
Furniture Loan ($1,898) ($1,898)
Liabilities Start End Change
401K Loan ($10,860) ($10,799)  +$51
Equity Start End Change
Home Equity $11,850 +$11,850
Net Worth $37,519 $49,203 +$11,614
% Change +31%

I’ll post my November spending later.


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