Net Worth Update – January 2018

This year is off to a decent start. My net worth increased by a little over 10% in January.  It helped that the stock market performed well and that I received three paychecks. However, as mentioned in the previous post, January was a bit atypical. I took a two week vacation and I’m settling in to my new condo.

I’m still experimenting with how I want to post my current holdings and net worth.  In December I was less detailed than usual. For January, I’ve decided to go back to being more detailed in hopes of controlling my online spending.  Typically the reason why I go over budget during any given month is because of a website called

Without further adieu, my  net worth at the end of January can be summarized below:

Liquid Assets Start End $ Change
Cash & Checking $450 $700 +$250
Amazon Balance $0 $0 +$0
Emergency Fund  $3,405 $4,100  +$695
Irregular Bills $0 $1,185 +$1,185
Short-Term Savings $525 $95  ($430)
Long-Term Savings $0 $150  +$150
Brokerage #1 $502 $530  +$30
Brokerage #2 $195 $380  +$185
Illiquid Assets Start End $ Change
Savings Bonds $2,135 $1,650  ($485)
Home Equity $11,850 $13,225  +$1,375
401K $26,235 $28,517  +$2,282
Roth IRA $20,224 $21,548  +$1,324
Liabilities Start End $ Change
Credit Cards ($0) ($636) ($636)
Medical ($0) ($735) ($735)
Furniture Loan ($1,792) ($1,687) +$105
401K Loan ($10,748) ($10,432) +$316
Net Worth $52,981 $58,592 +$5,611
% Change +10.6%

Liquid Assets

  • Cash & Checking – I try to maintain a $500 cash cushion in my checking account.
  • Amazon Balance – This is a new account I’ll be tracking in hopes of curbing my impulsive Amazon spending.
  • Emergency Fund – I contributed a bit and had some illiquid savings bonds (ibonds) obtain liquidity.
  • Irregular Bills –  I hold cash for less-than-monthly bills in this account. I included this account in my “Cash & Checking” category.
  • Short-Term Savings, Long Term Savings, Brokerage #1 & 2 – I saved & invested a little.

Illiquid Assets

  • Savings Bonds – This decreased due to savings bonds (ibonds) becoming liquid assets.
  • Home Equity – I made my first mortgage payment this month, and I’m finally gaining equity.
  • 401K & Roth IRA – the market performed well and these accounts saw a nice increase.


  • Credit Cards – for the first time in a while I’m carrying over a credit card balance. It’s not much and it’s on a card with 0% APR. I’m not thrilled about it at all.
  • Medical – sigh, medical bills…
  • Furniture Loan  – I’m paying this off over the course of 18 months. It is a 0% APR loan.
  • 401K Loan – I borrowed money from my 401K to finance my house.

Budget & Spending

One thing I have yet to officially post is a budget for 2018. The biggest change from last year, of course, will be considerably higher housing expenses. I will not be disclosing my housing expenditures. I’ll have to figure out a way to incorporate increases in my HOA fees on this blog. The budget/savings plan I’d like to follow for the remainder of the year is as follows:

Category Budget
Mortgage $-
Bills & Utilities $250
Food $200
Everything Else $200
Total  $650

Since January was a weird month, I didn’t intend to follow a budget, but I did want to keep my spending comparable to that of a typical month ($650). Unfortunately I went quite a bit over. Below is my spending:

Category Budget Actual
Mortgage & HOA $- $-
Vacation $- $410
Bills & Utilities $- $200
Food $- $215
Transportation $- $25
Medical $- $110
Everything Else $- $220
Total  $650  $1,180
  • Vacation – this includes everything spent while on vacation including food, taxis, souvenirs, etc.
  • Bills – I had an annual bill I paid this month ($50 towards this blog) , I am still waiting on my first electric bill so I expect that to be considerably high.
  • Food – I didn’t expect to eat out much after my vacation, but it was Restaurant Week ($85) and I also went out to a going away lunch ($15) for a colleague. I subscribed for grocery deliveries as well ($15) due to being sick.
  • Transportation – ubers and lyfts
  • Medical – this includes both direct and indirect healthcare expenses. These are reimbursable.
  • Everything Else – I did a bit more shopping than planned, mostly on Amazon. Hopefully I do better in February.  Moving in to a new place is expensive.

I was about $530 over budget. Thankfully my extra paycheck and pay raise helped offset the over spending.


My 2018 Goal Progression is below:

Fund/Goal  Budgeted  Actual Value
Emergency Fund $50 $185 $5,750
Roth IRA $460 $460 $460*
Short-Term Savings $50 $95 $95
Long-Term Savings $50 $150 $150
Irregular Bills Acct $50 $50 $1,180
* – the value for my Roth IRA is my YTD contributions

In February I would like to limit the number of financial spending transactions to the number of days in the month. I’m actually not sure how many transactions I usually make, but I think 28 is a good number to start off with. Last month there were 72 such transactions, but  a lot of that was because of my vacation. I also would like to limit my online shopping to Mondays and Thursdays.

That’s all I have for January folks!


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