February 2018 Intramonth Checkin

Today marks being a third of the way through February, and as mentioned in my previous post, I’d like to do more frequent check-ins to keep better track of my spending.

My proposed monthly budget for 2018 has me set to spend $400/month on variable expenses.  That means that today I should be at $133 or less in spending. Here is where my money has gone so far:

  • Food – $62 ($37 Groceries, $25 Eating out)
  • Home Maintenance – $17
  • Shopping – $49 ($24 Amazon; $14 Target; $11 Computer Game Purchase)
  • Ubers – $5
  • Total: $133

While I don’t budget for my health care, I’ve also spent:

  • Medical Expenses – $35

I haven’t paid any fixed expenses yet, but my goal is to limit it to $250/month. My fixed expenses include bills for my internet, electricity, cellphone and a furniture loan. This will be my first electric bill payment and since it covers 2.5 months worth of electricity, it will be fairly high. I still should stay within my budget due to prepaying my internet bill and having a credit on my cellphone account.

For whatever reason, Februarys tend to go well for me. It’s the other months that give me a hard time.  I’m exactly where I should be, which is surprising and yet fantastic.


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