Net Worth Update – November 2018

For the month of November, I wanted to see how things would go if I didn’t follow a strict budget. I’m now realizing that I probably should have waited until December because I did quite a bit of shopping. My net worth did increase though. The markets performed decently and, as usual, I contributed a sizable amount to my retirement accounts. 

Liquid AssetsStartEnd$ Change
Cash & Checking$1,546$1,528($18)
Emergency Fund$5,411$5,423+$12
Savings Goals$1,409$585($824)
Brokerage Accts$1,297$1,273($58)
Illiquid AssetsStartEnd$ Change
Savings Bonds$1,407$1,409+$2
Home Equity$18,688$19,250+$562
Roth IRA$23,789$24,638 +$849
LiabilitiesStartEnd$ Change
Net Worth$79,893$83,639+$3,746
% Change+4.7%

My liquid assets decreased quite a bit due to my purchases.  I also have ~$500 in credit card debt that is carrying over into December. It’s been a while since I’ve had to carry over credit card debt into the next month and I’m not proud about that.  Using reverse engineering I can back out my spending and compare it to a typical month:

(1) Bills & Utilities$175$146$10 under
(2) Food$300$319$90 under
(3) Medical$-$92$-
(4) Everything Else$300$1,170$708 over
Total (1+2+4)$775 $1,635$860 over

I went way over my “Everything Else” budget. This is where my miscellaneous spending went:

  • New TV – $635
  • Christmas Gifts – $125 (With ~$175 left to go)
  • Home Decor – $100
  • Snow boots – $45

Thankfully the overages were anticipated. I didn’t actually stray too far from my budget, I knew these expenses were coming and so I did establish sinking funds for them (note how my “Savings Goals” category decreased in my net worth). But it was hard for me to gauge whether or not I was going overboard since I made so many extra purchases. It sure felt like I was going overboard, but turns out I did not.

Next Month

Last month I mentioned November was a 3 paycheck month. Turns out that the third check hasn’t actually processed it will be reflected in my December post. That’s why I have so much credit carrying over into December. I’m not going to be doing too much with the third paycheck due to impending medical bills and a loan payment to my parents.  After December I’m going to tweak my budget a bit to try and save more in 2019. Until next time! 


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