Net Worth Update – December 2018

Despite the slump in the stock market, December went well and I saw a 16.1% increase in net worth: 

Liquid AssetsStartEnd$ Change
Cash & Checking$1,528$1,575+$47
Emergency Fund$5,423$5,700+$277
Savings Goals$585$775+$190
Brokerage Accts$1,273$1,200($73)
Illiquid AssetsStartEnd$ Change
Savings Bonds$1,409$1,375($34)
Home Equity$19,250$27,825+$8,575
Roth IRA$24,638$23,325 ($1,313)
LiabilitiesStartEnd$ Change
Net Worth$83,673$97,125+$13,452
% Change+16.1%

I did receive 3 paychecks in December, which certainly helped, but most of my increase in net worth came from an increase in home equity (by ~$8,000) and a decrease in my loans  (by ~$7,000).  In regards to my loans, I made a biannual payment on the loan to my parents. Then they agreed to dismiss most of the remaining balance. I also made extra payments to my 401k loan. 

I would like to note that from now on, I will be rounding my net worth subtotals for a bit more privacy on the blog. I will also continue to update my home equity at the end of each year.

For December I didn’t do too bad budget wise:

(1) Bills & Utilities$175$146$29 under
(2) Food$300$79$221 under
(3) Medical$-$338$-
(4) Everything Else$300$645$345 over
Total (1+2+4)$775 $870$95 over

Technically I increased my “Everything Else” budget by $500,  due to the holidays. This means I was actually $105 under. But I’m going to go ahead and stick with my usual numbers since I didn’t go far over my typical budget.

Coming Soon

I’ll soon be posting my year in review along with my 2019 goals. See you in the new year! 


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