A Year in Review | 2018 (& 2019 Goals)

Below is a financial reflection of 2018. I would like to note that some of the numbers may be differ from the actual monthly reports due to corrections that came later. I’m pretty pleased with how 2018 went. My net worth more than doubled:

Liquid Assets Start End $ Change
Cash & Savings $450 $1,575 +$1,125
Emergency Fund  $3,405 $5,700  +$2,295
Savings Goals $525 $775  +$250
Brokerage $697 $1,200  +$503
Illiquid Assets Start End $ Change
Savings Bonds  $2,135 $1,375  ($760)
Home Equity $11,850 $27.825  +$15,975
401K $26,235 $39,525  +$13,290
Roth IRA $20,224 $23,325  +$3,101
Liabilities Start End $ Change
Credit Card ($1,792) ($0) +$1,792
Loans ($18,751) ($4,175) ($14,576)
$44,978 $97,125 +$52,147
% Change +115.9%

And I met all my financial goals:

Fund/Goal Initial Goal Actual Percent
Retirement 15% of Income Exceeded
Roth IRA $5,500 $5,500 100%
Emergency Fund $1,000 $1,500 150%
Net Worth Increase $20,000 $53,592 268%

I spent the following (not including debt payments):

Category Total Monthly Avg
Bills & Utilities $1,536 $128
Medical $3,961 $330
Food $2,718 $227
Everything Else $7,858 $655

Note: During a typical month my goal was to spend $300/month in the “Everything Else” category. But I often times dipped into my sinking funds to pay for gifts, vacations, gadgets, and other overages. I will try to keep better track of my sinking funds next year to ensure I’m not overspending.

My goals for 2019 are:

Fund/Goal Goal
401K Contributions $19,000
Roth IRA Contributions $6,000
HSA Contributions $3,500
Net Worth Total $100,000
Emergency Fund Contribution $400
Savings Goal $2,500

Collectively the goals are a bit of a stretch. Especially since I want to avoid touching my HSA (though that is not one of the goals as of yet). My guess is that I’ll have issues with the savings goal but we’ll see.

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