Net Worth Update – January 2019

You’d never know by looking at my net worth progress, but January was a roller-coaster of a month. I wasn’t sure when and if I’d be receiving a paycheck thanks to a wall. Things turned out well, as I eluded, and I hit a net worth of $100,000! 

Liquid AssetsStartEnd$ Change
Cash & Checking$1,575$2,025+$450
Emergency Fund$5,700$5,750+$50
Savings Goals$775$775+$0
Brokerage Accts$1,200$1,400 +$200
HSA$0$275 +$275
Illiquid AssetsStartEnd$ Change
Savings Bonds$1,375$1,375+$0
Home Equity$27,825$28, 375+$550
Roth IRA$23,325$25,875 +$2,550
LiabilitiesStartEnd$ Change
Net Worth$97,125$107,200+$10,075
% Change+10.4%

After a terrible performance in December, it comes as no surprise that the markets rebounded in January. The rebound explains roughly 60% of the increase in my net worth. Another 25% can be explained by my contributions to my 401k, HSA, and Roth IRA. I’m too lazy to figure out where the remaining 15% came from. But I’m happy about that too! 

Now that I’m a 6-figure-aire, I’d like to work towards hitting a $100k net worth figure without home equity taken into account. 


Even though I mentioned developing a new budget for 2019 in previous posts, I’ve decided to stick with my 2018 budget with two notable changes:
(1) Any left over $$ will roll over into the next month, and
(2) Medical expenses will now be budgeted. I am trying to cash flow these expenses and not touch my HSA

(1) Bills & Utilities$175$135$40 left
(2) Food$300$166$134 left
(3) Medical$-$79$79 over
(4) Everything Else$300$278$22 left
Total (1+2+3+4)$775 $658$117 left

I would like to note that I have already met my ~$1,500 deductible for the year thanks to patient assistance for one of my medications. 

Lessons Learned

One thing I learned from the shutdown is that I really need to build up my emergency fund.  I would like to get it up to an even $10,000 but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.


  • Medical appointments (estimated cost of ~$150)
  • I’m switching cell phone carriers (estimated savings $25/month) 


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